Hospice & Compounding

Patient-specific and custom medications associated with hospice diagnosis

img Hospice Compounding

Different patients have unique needs, and there are cases when certain drug products are unavailable or do not have the appropriate dosage. Red River Pharmacy’s Compounding services enable us to produce customized and precise dosing for patients with specific ailments.

For our Hospice services, we bring together a team of people with special skills to work with patients requiring special care. Our duties include liaising between interdisciplinary team members such as nurses, doctors, social workers, and more. 

As your trusted medication management partner, we’ll monitor your drug regimens, combine ingredients to make customized medications, and personalize formularies to reduce your medication costs. 

Hospice services from Red River Pharmacy includes a wealth of benefits including:

img Hospice Compounding Benefits

How we can help

Whether it’s home infusion or compounding, Red River Pharmacy provides customized medication solutions for patients with a wide variety of needs